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That time I almost passed out at CrossFit..

Yeah, I’ll get to what happened in the title of this post in just a minute, but let me first say, Day 4 is done and over with. I’m entering the phase that’s commonly known as the “Carb Flu.” From what I hear, it’s like you have the flu as a result of not having carbs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m eating a ton of vegetables and fruit so I should be getting enough calories for the day.

Should being the operative word here. Buckle up, this post is going to be lengthy.

This morning started off with eggs and bacon. Mmmmm, bacon. It was an awesome, filling meal and I didn’t get hungry again until about 10:30 am. I ate an apple with Sunbutter. Have ya’ll tried Sunbutter? It’s my new jam..in a Paleo friendly way. 😉 Work was pretty  busy today so when lunchtime came around I wasn’t hungry. Did you hear that? I wasn’t hungry!

I was feeling like a total BAMF and thought I have this diet thing by the ass! Regardless of not being terribly hungry, I opted to eat about half of my lunch which consisted of a salad (romaine, cukes, tomatoes, and carrots) and grilled chicken. At about 3:00 I decided to eat my snack which consisted of blueberries and grapes. Delish.

I left work at 4:30 today so I could go to the chunker dunker aka The Fat Tank. This is a test where your body fat is measured by completely immersing you in water. The cool thing it’s personalized to you. So for example, I learned that my Body Fat percentage is 41.7% and my Lean Muscle Mass is 58.3%. My goal weight is somewhere around 165lbs assuming I don’t lose any lean muscle mass. If I gain it, my goal weight would be higher. Effectively, I need to lose 52 lbs.When Bali told me this, I was very surprised that I had so much lean muscle mass and that my weight loss goal wasn’t wildly large. If you have the chance to do this, I highly recommend it. http://www.BodyFatTest.com 



In other news, my CrossFit Box is off to Boston to compete in the Reebok No’Easter. It’s a CrossFit competition that raises money for Cystic Fibrosis. One of my dearest friends (and the lady that started me on this crazy journey) is going to compete. She’s a complete and utter badass and I know she and the rest of the team are going to kick so much ass! Go Southern Discomfort!!! Don’t you love our fundraising t-shirts?


**The tag line makes me giggle because deep down I am an immature asshole.***

Alright, so finally..that time….

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t eat much in the way of lunch today. I was feeling good and not hungry, but I guess overall didn’t consider that I would be at the box. I got there today and saw what we would be working on today;


Warm up:

3 rounds of:

100 meter row

10 second L sit


10 overhead squats (pvc)

10 good mornings

10 butt kick hold (5 per leg)

10 high knee pulls (5 per leg)


Squat snatch 5-3-2-2-2-2



30 snatches (135/95)

For time.


Mobility work

Awesome. Since I’m still easing back into working out after surgery, I decided to take my squat snatch easy (TWHS) and not lift anything but the bar. My form was absolute shit. My coach was doing an amazing job explaining, demonstrating, but my brain was just not getting it. After about 15 reps, my body was saying stop. So, I went outside to get some fresh air. 

When the fresh air hit my face, I started to feel dizzy. Ever have an out of body experience? You’re there, but not there? You feel like you’re watching shit unravel? Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened to me. I managed to make my way back into the box, but each step felt like I was walking through muck and I felt a hood coming over my eyes almost. Fuck, here it comes I thought..the damn stars and I knew any minute I was going to be CF roadkill. I sat down on a box jump box (everyone had just started the WOD so they were setting up barbells, etc.) and I noticed one of the coaches standing with his back to me. I softly called out to him, praying he would hear me because I was seriously fucked up and worried about cracking my head open. 

He immediately whipped around and came over to help me. By this time I was having a hard time talking and I seriously felt like I was going to pass out. My BFF Julie came over to talk, but I was so out of it and couldn’t communicate. My friend Chris (Reebok Nor ‘Easter badass) ran over and asked what was wrong. When J told her what I was describing, she immediately ran  to get a Lara Bar. Both of these wonderful ladies took care of me, stayed with me, and helped me through this. Coach J ran to the gas station and bought me a coconut water. The minutes seemed like hours until that Lara bar finally hit my belly. I really think my blood sugar was way low and that caused this episode and once I ate a bit, I perked back up. The weird thing was, my fingers became numb and clenched up. I couldn’t even hold the Lara bar or my water. I felt like my entire body was falling asleep (pins and needles) Once I perked back up, my tongue started to swell and the back of the throat started to feel sore. It was bizarre, ya’ll, but I’m happy to report that I’m all good now and came home to eat a massive pile of fajitas and broccoli.

Lesson learned, eat your fucking lunch whether or not your hungry. And don’t go to CF without having eaten. Also? The weight movement called Snatch makes me giggle.EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

One more thing for ya’ll;



Booyah, bitches.


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