Holy shit, I like pie!

Paleo Challenge Day 2



Happy Tuesday, everyone! Another day, another success and I’m super happy though today was challenging because I was having withdrawals from my shitty diet. I did all the right things, but re-training my brain is proving to be difficult and I’m doing my best to not let it ruin my successes. As you can see, I stuck to the plan today. Taking the extra time to plan snacks, lunches, and having plenty of water on hand has helped me not feel hungry. I’m really happy that this time around I’m all in. 

I am going to tell you a secret, though. On my drive home from work tonight, I passed by a ChickFil-A. Chick Fil A is so hard for me to say no to….I adore their tea. I adore their french fries. For a brief, fleeting moment I thought to myself, I could stop there tonight and gorge. No one would ever have to know. I could eat and feel happy and tomorrow pick up where I left off. Who’s it going to hurt?

And then within ten seconds, I shut that thinking off. It’s true, no one else would be hurt by me eating like shit. But *I* would know what I’d done. It seems silly, but I felt such a surge of pride last night when I was able to check the clean box for ALL of my food yesterday. I wanted to have that feeling today…the right way and I got to do it. Soon this will all be a distant memory and my new way of eating will be a habit not a chore. 

In other exciting news, I bought an ab mat and jump rope to work on my double unders and sit ups.  Up tomorrow? Dinner out with the family. Lord help me.


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