Holy shit, I like pie!

Favorite new workout wear and the strangest thing to happen to me….so far..

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

I wanted to share a couple of things I am loving at the moment and sign off with what can only be described as my most embarrassing moment…..today. 

First off, stuff I am loving. This weekend Old Navy had an awesome sale storewide that landed me 30% off all non clearance items. I’d been wanting some new workout clothes so I took full advantage and bought some new compression pants and workout shirts. I absolutely LOVE the compression pants. They fit in all the right places and help hide that unwated muffin top. I also bought some tanks that are super light and absorb sweat pretty well.,Even without the discount these are super affordable. 

Check them out here;

Women's Compression Fold-Over Capris (21


I experienced something today that’s never ever ever EVER happened to me before. I’d finished my weight training workout (which was BRUTAL today) and went on to do cardio on the treadmill. I plugged in my headphones, set my pace and was off. At about .75 miles something started to feel…….off. I chalked it up to being hungry, and kept pushing on but that nagging feeling just would.not.stop. Just as I crossed 1 mile, the bottom fell out. 


I felt like my stomach came out of my ass. 

I stopped because my stomach started hurting and that’s when I knew…I had to get the bathroom. Spoiler Alert: I made it. But BARELY.


I guess this is something that happens to runners? 


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