Holy shit, I like pie!

Want to know what feels good?

I’ll tell you what feels good! Staying on track, writing down everything that I eat and receiving the payoff when I go to button up pants that last week hit that, “Ouch, this doesn’t feel good to zip up” feeling and realizing that they are starting to fit comfortably again. Soreness from working out feels good (even if the working out was from Saturday’s yard work) Eating healthy, colorful foods that don’t make me feel sluggish feels really good. Indulging in a small treat because I know I’ve worked my ass off also feels good.

Positive thoughts yield positive results. Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. * Vicki says:

    It does feel good, doesn’t it??? 🙂 Keep it up hot momma!!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 10 months ago

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