Holy shit, I like pie!

It’s Saturday and I’m feeling GOOD…

This morning I woke up with the odd desire to do some yard work. This isn’t something I usually enjoy, but we’ve had the worst time maintaining our yard and/or finding someone to take care of it for us. (If you know anyone reasonable that does good work, let me know!) I also thought this would be a good way to earn some activity points for today so bright and early, Steve and I got up and started working.

At first, I thought, “this isn’t so hard. It’s nice and cool out here, the sun’s not beating down and pushing this mower is easy.” Yeah. I actually said that out loud. I finished the first side of the yard and was struggling to get it up and down the hills we have. (Our yard sucks for mowing with a push mower.) I felt so out of shape…so out of breath and my shoulders were KILLING me. I decided though, I couldn’t do it half assed, I’d challenged myself to finish the front part and dammit, I was going to do it.

Ya’ll…I mowed the entire front yard, sides, and a small part of the back. I’m exhausted, my back and shoulders kill, but I feel SO good about accomplishing that.  The yard looks REALLY good and that’s because Steve and I worked as a team to make it happen. I’m sure Steve wasn’t happy about working out there today, but he’s such a trooper that he hung in there and didn’t complain one bit. (except for when I ran over the hose and jacked it up.)  Today is also my weigh in day and officially for the first week, I am down 3.2 lbs. I even weighed myself with clothes on and after I ate a small breakfast. Wahoo!

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope ya’ll have a great one!


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