Holy shit, I like pie!

You know you’re fat when….

There’s so many different ways to end this sentence…….

The yo-yoing continues and up until this week I was pressing through life, eating what I wanted and I’d stopped working out almost entirely. Was it sheer laziness or lack of willpower? Well, to be honest, I started a new role at work and it demands a lot of my time.  So again, doing great, going to meetings early and..annnnd FAIL.

This week I came to the startling revelation that I am on my way up. Not be among the stars, kids, but to that point where your thighs rub together, you have pains you never had before, and your clothes PHYSICALLY start to hurt you. I also got a really nasty wake up call in the form of my husband going to the E.R. because of chest pains. Nothing like seeing your husband hooked up to an EKG machine to make you realize that it’s time to stop fucking around and get your shit straight. He’s fine, thank goodness, the diagnosis from the E.R. doc was that he may have an ulcer and while ulcers suck the big one, it’s not a heart attack. While we were in the hospital I started thinking about what I needed to do to improve and really look deep down to find out what sort of motivation I need.

I don’t know what that answer is…I’ve been successful on Weight Watchers…love my leader, Jacynta, but WHY don’t I keep going back? I did it for almost a month and dropped 10lbs and was feeling great. It always seems like something gets in the way and it hasn’t “clicked” for me like it did in the beginning. At least, not fully. This week I have committed to one goal…tracking every single thing I eat and trying to maintain my Points daily. So far, so good.

While I’m up from weight wise from where I was before, I’ve already had success this week with losing a couple of pounds and want to continue the momentum. So’ll throw it out there; if you did Weight Watchers before and tried to come back unsuccessfully, how did you motivate? I’m asking for help here because I’m in a rut and need a swift kick in the ass.

Happy Friday, ya’ll!


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  1. * Donna says:

    I so understand where you are coming from. I had the same thought 5 weeks ago and finally decided to get back on WW. So far a total of 7.2 lbs. I’m trying to just take it one week at a time. It’s slow, but I really just want to stop the cycle of buying bigger clothes and I noticed that I am very unhappy when I weigh more. You can do it girl!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 10 months ago

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