Holy shit, I like pie!

Week two…still on the wagon..


I updated my FB status with the pounds lost the first week and I’m happy to report that I was down 2.2lbs! Not too shabby for the first week back on. I did Zumba and ate really well so that was all good. Then….came this week. I started out really strong and then for lunch on Tuesday, a friend of mine and I hit up Stevie B’s pizza. Now, ya’ll know…Julia + pizza buffet= potential disaster. It wasn’t the prettiest sight, but I did manage to eat a huge salad that wasn’t covered in dressing. Here’s where the week went horribly awry, though.

When we were going to Stevie B’s, we saw a place across the street called Cheeseburger Bobby’s. They boast having the “Best Cheeseburger.” I’m a bit of a cheeseburger snob, so when anyone makes that claim I feel like I have to give it a shot. What if it really IS the best cheeseburger and I miss out?!!? So, we decided to go the next day at lunch. 


It WAS one of the best cheeseburgers ever. I should’ve made myself a salad from their toppings bar, but I figured if I’m here I may as well sample the french fries. (Remember, fries and cake? Are my crack) So, we ate lunch and then I told Steve about this joint and jokingly (only not really) suggested we go back for dinner. I got coupons! The food was good! How could we resist?

So we went back for dinner.

And again, I ate the SAME DAMN MEAL. (when will I ever learn?) 

So this foolishness continued on for another day because again, coupons, good food, etc. Only the third time, I ate a chicken sandwich that was grilled. It’s a great place and I recommend it highly, but please learn from me and pace yourselves accordingly.

Needless to say, I was a bit worried about my weigh in since my friend Sheila is off living the good life in Hilton Head so I only did one night of Zumba this week and probably consumed 20,000 Cheeseburger Bobby’s calories. 

I thought about skipping my weigh in this week, but my commitment to this journey won out in the end and I went.

I (shockingly) lost .6 lbs this week. I attribute that to acting a fool for lunch, but  doing better the rest of the time. 

So yay me. On to another week. Pray for my willpower so that I may stay away from Cheeseburger Bobby’s this week. Seriously. Pray hard. 😉

Have a good week!


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