Holy shit, I like pie!

Day one of Weight Watchers= complete success!

Yesterday was awesome. I started WW again after an embarrassing weigh-in. I went to Zumba and rocked it for a full hour full of renewed love and enthusiasm and had a great time. Food was easy to manage and I stayed within my point totals.

Something must be screwy with my scale, though. Yesterday, I weighed myself before going to WW and came up with a number that was one pound heavier at the WW center. Keep in mind that this was before eating or drinking anything and I had an empty bladder. Today, I did the same thing and came up three pounds lighter. I know weights fluctuate throughout the day, but how does it happen first thing when you haven’t eaten a thing?

Whatever, it lifted me up and made me feel good about the choices I made yesterday. We were supposed to drive down to Florida today to take the kiddos to my mom, but my grandma is very sick and we decided it was best to keep them here. I don’t know if I’ll do Zumba this afternoon since NASCAR is racing at the Brickyard and I want to watch it live, but I am going tomorrow night. I have plenty of housework to keep me busy here and earn activity points.

I’m trying to plan a WW menu for the week so I can stay on plan. Any suggestions on your favorite dishes? Give me a shout!


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