Holy shit, I like pie!

NEVER judge a book by its cover….

Especially if that book is teaching Zumba.

Tonight was the last night of my free seven day trial at the YMCA. so I decided to take full advantage and do one more Zumba class. I walked in and saw the instructor; She was an  older lady, spunky haircut, cute as a button, and very loud. I snorted internally and thought, “this is gonna be easyyy peasy, Julia!” I ASSumed I would dance….have a good time and end Zumba on a high note.

Child, please. That woman just about killed me. 

When 6:30 hit, it was like someone lit a firecracker up her ass cause suddenly, she didn’t look THAT much older. She was shaking her hips and her boobies like she was Shakira. We normally do a warm up and a few songs after that are the “workout” then we cool down.

She had us do like five freaking songs and three of them included doing some hardcore squats. She didn’t just instruct from the front, either. Oh no!! She walked around, touching booties and tummies and saying “tighten it up, girls!!” making sure that everyone tried their best to do these exercises the right way. I got a small burst of energy when we did Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine” song. (As an aside, that really is a great song to work  out to. It makes me feel happy and sassy”)

So..that’s it. I hope we decide to go with the YMCA (even though it’s wicked expensive and they make you sign up for the year) because so far I’ve found TWO amazing Zumba instructors that make working out fun. 

I’m off to take some Tylenol and soak my weary bones before bed. 



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