Holy shit, I like pie!

I forgot to mention…

I think that we’re truly blessed to have an awesome leader at my WW meetings. She is funny, she’s positive, but she’s also not afraid to kick your butt when you need it. Yesterday when I checked the mail, there was a postcard from her that gave me a “Bravo” for a great week.

She covered it in 5lb stickers and praised me for 20lbs gone. She also handwrote a note telling me how much she loves my enthusiasm.

THAT is why I go to meetings. Sometimes it can be a huge hoke-fest, but when it counts…when you really need these people, they are there for you. It’s no wonder that people who attend meetings tend to lose more than those who go at it alone or by using the online tools.

If you’re ever interested in going with me, drop me a line. I really feed of the energy and excitement that happens at our meetings.


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