Holy shit, I like pie!


Today was weird….

I finally felt like I’d turned that corner where I wasn’t starving all the damn time to feeling really good all day. It was a relaxing Sunday, spent catching up on stuff from the DVR and watching my current obsession, Nascar. (Shut up) I drank so much water and did super great on points…so good in fact, that when dinner rolled around I thought…you know I have all of these points today and I’m in the mood for a cheeseburger.

(The conversation was more like..”Holy crap do I want a Big Mac!!!) It didn’t help that McDonald’s sponsors a Nascar cup car. I think this helped with my mindfuck of wanting a Big Mac. BUT…being the good girl that I am…I decided a Big Mac would be waaayyy too decadent. So, we collectively decided we’d enjoy something from Wendy’s.

Now, I don’t know how ya’ll feel about Wendy’s, but my experience is always the same….the burgers are cold, and the fries are super gross. (As in greasy, cold, and over-salted) Nonetheless, we went with Wendy’s and I hoped since I hadn’t eaten from there in close to three weeks it would be good. 

I was wrong. It totally sucked.

I ate a Jr cheeseburger and ordered some fries, but barely ate a quarter of them. The burger was okay, but even now..I feel so gross. I guess my days of eating burgers and fries are numbered..cause seriously? I feel like Grade A shit.

I never thought I’d see the day….don’t expect me to give up my croissanwiches, though. I still don’t have THAT much willpower.



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  1. * Julie of julienandy says:

    So sorry Julia! When you want McD’s…..just get a cheeseburger and soon you won’t be missing the big mac. I had a chickfila craving this week that wouldn’t be stopped and unlike me….I supersized! WTF is wrong with me. Back on the wagon though, darn food. Stay strong my friend.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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