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Easiest Chicken Fingers.EVER.

I hate to cook. 

Scratch that. I don’t hate to cook…I hate the clean-up that inevitably follows. So when Steve-O and I decided we were gonna cook WW recipes all this week…I let out a huge internal sigh. Don’t get me wrong, my husband always helps…but after working a full day, I figure the last thing he should worrying about is loading dishes in the dishwasher. 

Tonight I tried out a recipe from the WW.com website. They are delish and SUPER easy to make. It takes less than fifteen minutes including prep and cook time. So, please enjoy the recipe below-

BBQ Chicken Fingers

WW point value- 4 points for every three fingers.

2 tbsp Honey Mustard

2 tbsp Buttermilk

1/2 cup dried breadcrumbs.

About a 1lb of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. (I used 3 of the Perdue perfect portions packs and had enough to feed my family)

Preheat the oven to 450 and stick a cookie sheet in there to warm up along with your oven.

Slice chicken breasts into 2 in slices (aim for four pieces per breast) In a shallow bowl whisk together the honey mustard and buttermilk. In a separate bowl add the breadcrumbs. Coat the chicken with the honey mustard/buttermilk mixture, then coat with the breadcrumbs in the separate bowl. Once the oven is ready, place the tenders on the cookie sheet (mmm, cookies) and bake for six minutes. Turn over and bake for another six minutes. 

Voila’! Dinner is served.

As a side, I steamed some Bird’s Eye green beans (0 points) and some Bird’s Eye mini corn on the cob)Absolute deliciousness and VERY filling.





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  1. * Melissa says:

    Julia thanks for the recipe I will have to try this. Seems easy enough. It was great to have lunch with you. It is always a crazy time when I have all the kids.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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