Holy shit, I like pie!

Oh boy…

Yesterday was a blur of activity. My nephews came over so we could babysit them for the night. They have grown into such handsome little boys. Nate is enamored with my oldest nephew, Tony..it’s so cute to see. Thanks to my dear friend, Ellyn, Steve and I were able to go out to dinner alone while she watched the four kiddos. (Seriously, this woman? Is a SAINT) We went to Aspen’s Steakhouse and I did not “prepare for the journey” (a WWism) as I should have. I’m totally dreading tomorrow’s weigh in even though I’ve done really well up until last night. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, right?

We also took Nate to the doctor for his routine check up. And this kid is HUGE. Off the charts for height and weight. It’s incredible.

Today we’re going to hang around the house and see what kind of trouble we get into. I’m going to stick to my plan and try to get an hour long walk in. I hope it happens.


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