Holy shit, I like pie!

Suck on THAT, Ikea!!

Normally a trip to Ikea isn’t without its huge binges. I mean, you have Swedish Meatballs, those awesome skinny fries, hot dogs, and of course..the cinammon rolls. On any given day, I would’ve had two of each.  Want to know what I had on my trip today?

A chocolate caramel WW bar. Yep, that’s it. I drank water and walked my happy ass around the store trying to find a suitable television console thingamabob. It’s all about celebrating the small victories, ya know?

$100 later, we left Ikea and I couldn’t believe how empowering it was to bypass the hot dogs. I will confess to eating a snowball earlier today. That’s what flex points are for, baby!! 


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  1. * Kim says:

    Gah! I was at Ikea today too! I had totally planned on eating a cinnamon roll at the least but was saved by a cranky toddler that forced me to the exit before I could get one. I really need to jump on the bandwagon with you but I’m not motivated right now 😦

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Julie of julienandy says:

    Way to to Julia!!!! Its a mind game to lose weight, you just ahve to decide you are going to do without the crap….or eat much less of it. I miss having my costco hotdogs, but I like the fact I am down a size so it helps.

    Keep up the good work! I usually snack on small apples…..portable and the crunching really gives you that oral satisfaction. 🙂


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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