Holy shit, I like pie!


Hellooo blog readers! (All three of you!)


I’m dusting the cobwebs off this bitch and finally catching you up on all things. When we were last together, I was competing in a Paleo challenge (went ok, lost ten pounds, then I fell off the wagon MASSIVELY) I trained manically for the Glass Slipper Challenge, I participated and FINISHED in the Glass Slipper Challenge (three medals, WHAT?) I celebrated a ten year wedding anniversary, I walked the Peachtree Road Race as a result of an injury acquired during the GSC (more on that later) and my beautiful baby girl graduated high school and went away to college.

WHEW! It’s no wonder this little corner of the web was neglected for so long!!

I realized recently though, that blogging was fun and therapeutic for me. So I’m here once again to take you through a host of new journeys that I’m about to embark on. First things first; still running in spite of an annoying injury that happened during the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge. As hard as it might be for you to believe, this injury didn’t happen by falling my face, but improper training (*ahem training to only ten miles *cough cough*) put a tremendous strain on my left hip causing a strain and some damn painful bursitis. Which may or may not be the same thing as the hip strain. Regardless that shit HURTS on the regular and really impacted my desire to run after GSC was completed

The good news is I’m rehabbing and taking medicine for it and this time? I’m TRAINING PROPERLY. That’s right, kids, I’ve signed up for my second Glass Slipper Challenge and I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, a masochist, or a sucker because this time I’m running #alltheraces. That’s right, this time around I’ll complete a 5k, 10k, and a half marathon in one blessed weekend. I’m super excited this time around because my cousin Faith is joining me for the 5k and 10k and my awesome friend Jenn is running her FIRST half marathon!  Before all of the magic and fun I have a lot of work to do to prepare. I’ve signed up for four races thus far and I’m sure more will follow. I have a 10k and a 10 miler in October, a 1/2 marathon in December and a 15k in January. My hope is that these races will keep me focused and training will continue as it should.

In case you missed it, this is my recap of my first Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend



It feels good to be back and I promise to entertain you at least weekly with tales of running, dieting, and just life in general. Thanks for reading!!



Day 10…and another challenge

Hi everyone!

Today was one of those days that would normally send me into stress eating mode. NOTHING went right from yesterday evening until I left my office earlier this evening. It all started when I forgot my son at the After School Program. It wasn’t like I left him there for hours, I realized there wasn’t a plan in place to pick him up with thirty minutes until closing. I felt like the worst mother in the world. ACK! I raced down and made it with seconds to spare, but he was the last kid there and it broke my heart. STRESS. Thankfully he was a good sport and said, “eh, it happens.”

From there, I rushed to get allergy shots and then remembered that today was picture day at school. Nate’s hair resembled that of a fluffed out Q-Tip, so my husband took him to get cleaned up. After haircuts, shots, dinner, homework and showers I was wrecked,I was supposed to pack for TomorrowWorld, but after all of that racing and stress I said screw it. I ate a dinner of chicken fajitas and yellow squash. Done, son and good night.

This morning, I was sleeping comfortably. Warm, cozy and I could hear rain on the windows. I was floating between dreams and Steve’s alarm went off. Wait, if Steve’s alarm is going off that means it’s HELLA late. So yeah, I totally overslept and the rest of the morning was a complete blur of racing, stress, activity, and never-ending STUFF. This would be the perfect opportunity to stress eat, but I didn’t. As a result of my oversleeping, I didn’t get to pack the normal lunchbox that I take to work so I figured going out to lunch with my friends from the office would be a good idea. We went to Willy’s Mexicana Grill and I ordered a burrito bowl with steak, no beans, no rice, no cheese…just lettuce, salsa, and cucumbers. The steak was horrible, almost inedible (and naturally I had to servings of it) but I ate as much as I could stand to get satisfied. I was so disappointed. Somehow I made it through, though and now I’m off work for the rest of the week as I am going to TomorrowWorld…well, tomorrow. I should be packing my clothes, but I’m worn out from today so I’ll just pick it up tomorrow. 

So the big challenge…camping and maintaining my Paleo diet. I feel like I’ve planned well for what’s ahead and am taking raw veggies, easy fruits like apples, and sunbutter. I know there will be meat options there and I don’t plan on drinking so it shouldn’t be TOO hard to stay on track. I don’t know if I ‘ll have the ability to post from TW, so I’ll be back on Monday with a recap and updates to the Lurong site. I really really really want to make it to two weeks clean. Wish me luck!




Day 9




Day 8..Celebrating victories

Happy Monday!

I’m so tired tonight and my arms are toast, but here I am updating this journey as I said I would do. Today is all about celebrating victories both big and small. I completed my first full week of Paleo eating and for anyone that knows how horribly I used to eat, this is a HUGE victory. As a result of my clean, something awesome happened;

Here’s where I started; Image

Yesterday morning I weighed myself and found this;


Massive victory there! I’m super proud of the hard work I’ve put in and as the days go by it’s getting easier. Slightly. OK, total disclosure, I would probably do just about anything for a Starbucks hazel nut macchiato. That part really sucks and drinking black coffee is not tolerable it’s just a means of survival for myself and those around me.

Tonight I had to complete two challenge WODS as part of the Paleo challenge. I managed to get through an entire one and most of the second one. Considering I almost passed the fuck out last week, I’m pretty happy with my accomplishment.


Have you ever seen a happier masochist?

Finally, this is what is continuing to drive me.Image

This doesn’t hurt either 😉



I’m tied for first with regards to the diet portion of the challenge! Wahoo!

With that, I’m off to bed. Hope everyone has a great week!

The seven things I’ve learned from going Paleo. Day 7

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today marks seven days of clean eating. What a ride it’s been! Below are the seven things I’ve learned so far this week.

1. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. This is one of the biggest ways I’ve been able to achieve success this week. None of my friends have enabled me. Some have teased, but I know it’s all in good fun and they truly support the hard work I’m putting in. Don’t surround yourself with negative people. It only breeds negativity and will hinder your success.

2. Sunbutter is the SHIT. I was very sad when I had to break up with my peanut butter. I tried almond butter and thought I was destined to never enjoy a nut butter of any kind, but now me and Sunbutter go together like peas and carrots.

3. Paleo ain’t cheap. I’m not sure I understand why it’s SO expensive to eat clean, but I DO understand how we’re all so obese. You can buy a burger and fries for $2. I paid almost $3 for two yellow squash today. To me, this is worth the investment in my health and the health of my family. Trader Joes is also a wonderful place to get started. Coconut oil, ghee, and veggies are yummy there and affordable. “Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.”

4. Ask for help when you need it. If you don’t understand, need encouragement, or just want to talk through it, ASK. I have a wonderful online community I can lean on and have met some awesome people at my CF box that are willing to answer questions. My awesome friend Chris is always checking on me and answering even the silliest of questions with a smile.

5. Plan plan plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You absolutely have to prepare for each day as if the items in your lunchbox are contingent on surviving the day. I’m serious, I pack some serious food in there daily because I never want to be unprepared. Being hungry and not having Paleo options is not something I ever want to experience. 

6. Salads without dressing are edible and DELICIOUS! If you have to eat some sort of dressing, squeeze a lemon on it.

7. Going out to eat is NOT impossible. All it takes is a little planning beforehand. Meat and veggies are everywhere, ya’ll. 


Tomorrow I’m posting my starting weight as well as where I currently am today. Stay tuned and check this out!



Have a great week!

Day 6

Doing great! Out to eat twice today and also went to scout out the location of the EDM festival I am heading to this coming weekend. Typing from my phone so I leave you with this. Image

Day 5

So far no sign of the carb flu, but I am having some wicked headaches.



That time I almost passed out at CrossFit..

Yeah, I’ll get to what happened in the title of this post in just a minute, but let me first say, Day 4 is done and over with. I’m entering the phase that’s commonly known as the “Carb Flu.” From what I hear, it’s like you have the flu as a result of not having carbs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m eating a ton of vegetables and fruit so I should be getting enough calories for the day.

Should being the operative word here. Buckle up, this post is going to be lengthy.

This morning started off with eggs and bacon. Mmmmm, bacon. It was an awesome, filling meal and I didn’t get hungry again until about 10:30 am. I ate an apple with Sunbutter. Have ya’ll tried Sunbutter? It’s my new jam..in a Paleo friendly way. 😉 Work was pretty  busy today so when lunchtime came around I wasn’t hungry. Did you hear that? I wasn’t hungry!

I was feeling like a total BAMF and thought I have this diet thing by the ass! Regardless of not being terribly hungry, I opted to eat about half of my lunch which consisted of a salad (romaine, cukes, tomatoes, and carrots) and grilled chicken. At about 3:00 I decided to eat my snack which consisted of blueberries and grapes. Delish.

I left work at 4:30 today so I could go to the chunker dunker aka The Fat Tank. This is a test where your body fat is measured by completely immersing you in water. The cool thing it’s personalized to you. So for example, I learned that my Body Fat percentage is 41.7% and my Lean Muscle Mass is 58.3%. My goal weight is somewhere around 165lbs assuming I don’t lose any lean muscle mass. If I gain it, my goal weight would be higher. Effectively, I need to lose 52 lbs.When Bali told me this, I was very surprised that I had so much lean muscle mass and that my weight loss goal wasn’t wildly large. If you have the chance to do this, I highly recommend it. http://www.BodyFatTest.com 



In other news, my CrossFit Box is off to Boston to compete in the Reebok No’Easter. It’s a CrossFit competition that raises money for Cystic Fibrosis. One of my dearest friends (and the lady that started me on this crazy journey) is going to compete. She’s a complete and utter badass and I know she and the rest of the team are going to kick so much ass! Go Southern Discomfort!!! Don’t you love our fundraising t-shirts?


**The tag line makes me giggle because deep down I am an immature asshole.***

Alright, so finally..that time….

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t eat much in the way of lunch today. I was feeling good and not hungry, but I guess overall didn’t consider that I would be at the box. I got there today and saw what we would be working on today;


Warm up:

3 rounds of:

100 meter row

10 second L sit


10 overhead squats (pvc)

10 good mornings

10 butt kick hold (5 per leg)

10 high knee pulls (5 per leg)


Squat snatch 5-3-2-2-2-2



30 snatches (135/95)

For time.


Mobility work

Awesome. Since I’m still easing back into working out after surgery, I decided to take my squat snatch easy (TWHS) and not lift anything but the bar. My form was absolute shit. My coach was doing an amazing job explaining, demonstrating, but my brain was just not getting it. After about 15 reps, my body was saying stop. So, I went outside to get some fresh air. 

When the fresh air hit my face, I started to feel dizzy. Ever have an out of body experience? You’re there, but not there? You feel like you’re watching shit unravel? Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened to me. I managed to make my way back into the box, but each step felt like I was walking through muck and I felt a hood coming over my eyes almost. Fuck, here it comes I thought..the damn stars and I knew any minute I was going to be CF roadkill. I sat down on a box jump box (everyone had just started the WOD so they were setting up barbells, etc.) and I noticed one of the coaches standing with his back to me. I softly called out to him, praying he would hear me because I was seriously fucked up and worried about cracking my head open. 

He immediately whipped around and came over to help me. By this time I was having a hard time talking and I seriously felt like I was going to pass out. My BFF Julie came over to talk, but I was so out of it and couldn’t communicate. My friend Chris (Reebok Nor ‘Easter badass) ran over and asked what was wrong. When J told her what I was describing, she immediately ran  to get a Lara Bar. Both of these wonderful ladies took care of me, stayed with me, and helped me through this. Coach J ran to the gas station and bought me a coconut water. The minutes seemed like hours until that Lara bar finally hit my belly. I really think my blood sugar was way low and that caused this episode and once I ate a bit, I perked back up. The weird thing was, my fingers became numb and clenched up. I couldn’t even hold the Lara bar or my water. I felt like my entire body was falling asleep (pins and needles) Once I perked back up, my tongue started to swell and the back of the throat started to feel sore. It was bizarre, ya’ll, but I’m happy to report that I’m all good now and came home to eat a massive pile of fajitas and broccoli.

Lesson learned, eat your fucking lunch whether or not your hungry. And don’t go to CF without having eaten. Also? The weight movement called Snatch makes me giggle.EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

One more thing for ya’ll;



Booyah, bitches.

Day 3- P,M.



Another day, another success! I had a real world test by going out to dinner with my family. My dear cousin Dale is moving out West and we were sending him off in a big way doing what we do best, eating and laughing. We were supposed to go to Tin Drum, but ended up at Mimi’s Cafe. I’m not going to lie; this meal took every ounce of will power I had. They serve fresh warm bread that smells amazing, and when you order an entree, they bring a muffin out too.  When it was my turn, I ordered a glass of water, a side salad, no croutons, no cheese, and no dressing. I also ordered a 6 oz Sirloin and steamed broccoli. When my plate arrived, they’d piled rice on my plate. Since rice is a no-no on Paleo, I gave it away and didn’t touch a bite.

Once I started eating I imagined I was eating a greasy cheeseburger and devouring the basket of bread that was sitting inches from my face. Color me surprised when it tasted like steak and broccoli :P.

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day. I have Crossfit and I get to to take a dunk in the Fat Tank. Yeah, I don’t know what the hell that means either, but I do know it involves water and something telling me how fat I am. As if I don’t already know!!


Hope everyone has a good night that involves the new iOS. 🙂

Day 3- A.M.

This morning started out rough. The bad (good ) thing about Crossfit workouts is they hurt. Not in a bad way (depending on who you ask LOL) but it does make it hard to do simple things. Like, get out of bed. Or bend over. Or sneeze.

Point? I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a bus this morning. My lower back is sore, my abs are screaming, and my legs are feeling pretty puny. I decided in spite of this, I wanted to weigh myself just to see if ANY progress has been made by eating Paleo. Call me a glutton for punishment!

I hopped on the scale, super bleary eyed and waited for the number to start blinking. When it did, I thought I was dreaming. So I rubbed my eyes, stepped off the scale to let it reset and tried again. Same number. This can’t be right I thought and repeated this same movement four more times.

Ya’ll, since Monday I have lost four pounds. FOUR FUCKING POUNDS. I can’t tell you how elated I am. Yesterday was hard feeling the effects of detoxing all that garbage from my system and this morning didn’t help with feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. The payoff is that my hard work is paying off in a big way. I know this is just the beginning water weight, bloat, etc. that I’m losing, but it’s still encouraging to see. Don’t worry, I’m going to post pictures of my before and after weight loss numbers, measurements, etc. In the meantime, I’m going to bask in this glory and have a wonderful day.


Hopefully you have a great Hump Daaayyy!